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Winter 2016-17  

Hello my friends. I have been taking a break with art as of late, but am gearing up to start going again.  I was entered in ArtPrize this past year with a new piece entitled "Alone".  It was housed at the Keen Studio, a lovely new design house in Grand Rapids. I was unable to be there for the event however, as I was in a serious car crash (I was t-boned) and "out of it" for a bit. I also missed St. Ignace this year, as the show had changed ownership. My children are growing so fast, and I am busy often with their needs, and attentions. I am available for custom art, so don't hesitate to contact me.  I appreciate everyone's love and support. I hope for a peaceful 2017 for you all.

Thanks again, and see you out and about soon.

"Alone" by Scott E. “Buck” Buckmaster, Acrylic, 18”x24” 2015: I was driving to an art show in West Branch, MI, when I saw this beautiful dog on the side of the road. It had been a particularly odd spring, pendulating between raining and freezing. This dog was in an ice field next to the road, and had passed in some manner over the winter. Its body was perfectly preserved. Due to the rain and freeze cycles the dog was on an ice pedestal, like a crystal altar. It was a beautiful dog. I felt sad for it, and also for its family. I envisioned a little child filled with sadness as her dog had disappeared. That beautiful boxer was preparing to be reclaimed by the earth. It was a beautiful day and the dog looked so noble in that field of white on that ice shelf. That it had passed lonely and frightened and had been broken, seemed heartbreaking. This picture was taken 5 springs ago. I have painted it in my mind many times and finally put brush to canvas to create this haunting image.


Hot Cars Magazine article, and Original CD artwork and a CD for Bandbox Jubilee by Rachel Davis

Most Recent Painting: Mike's Merc 16" x 20" Acrylic, $450.00 plus S.H.I.P.

Most Recent Drawing: Chevelle SS and Malibu, 12"x18" Prismacolor drawing.  SOLD

Dear Art and Car Enthusiasts:

As an artist I have found a love in the cars of the past and those vehicles of the future that are willing to look back to their automotive design roots. The beauty of the "automotive flourish" comes from butting heads with utilitarianism. I appreciate the chrome inspiration that I get by gazing through the car to what is being reflected from its surroundings. Each car is a self-portrait that I take a multitude of hours pouring myself into. They are statements of a time, a place, a feeling, that has inspired me in some way. I place a passion into my messages of art, and into my car portraits.




Firefighters Hearse, 12" x 18" Prismacolors.

RESTOMOD, 12" x 18" Prismacolors.

California James, 12" x 12"  Prismacolor.

Mach 1, 12" x 12" Prismacolor.

Note:  You can now view me on The Speed Channel's "My Classic Car" preview hosted by Dennis Gage.

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Note: Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to attend your automobile or art walk event.  Email me at buck@scottbuckmaster.com or call 1.231.884.0348.

Note: Those of you that are interested in having a piece of art work done in time for Christmas, an upcoming event, or holiday, please take the time to order early as I could be busy (teaching school and such), and people have had to wait to give their presents until the following year, or holiday.

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